How did the video do?

pano pic with trumeter

Well its been 15 hours since i posted the video… 15 views and 2 likes . I am pretty sure that is from Twitter atleast and it is really my first experiance with twitter. A Friend from my undergrad managed to like and retweet it, pointing out to me that i did not use #’s to help spread. To be honest it just wasnt enough time, i wish i had created a sound cloud with more songs on from the studio in order for people to checkout. but most importantly I cant access the analytics from youtube because the video hasnt been online long enough. but 15 views without the correct use of online “sharing” its pretty cool!


Trumeter Spreadable Media

Trumeter is a local Studio in Radcliffe Manchester created and ran by “Molotov Cocktail Party” Here is a Video I made for them with Adobe After Effects, A song recorded by them although this is not a finished mix i wanted to show them how it was possible to use the power of the internet to spread their content. By creating this video it advertises the Studio whilst portraying the song.

Sharing it on twitter  and hopefully recieveing a few retweets will help!

Elephants Dream

Currently myself and @siiicol  Are working on audio post production for the animated short Elephants dream.

Please note that this is not our version of the Video

The group consisted of just two members (Faiz Barber and Simon Coley) each member bringing vital components to the production of the task. I.E. one member was able to get unlimited access to a recording studio named “Trumeter Studio” with the other member providing vital equipment such as the Zoom H4N recorder as well as original Foley to be used in the production. With there only being two members in the group it was decided no specific roles were needed to be assigned individually, having both studied at undergrad on Salfords PSVT (Professional Sound and Video Technology) course, a firm understanding of each others skills were established enabling the group to share equal responsibilities when it came to using the desk or manning the project.

Scene 3 metal shutters closing [Sound Design]

 Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 23.59.52

The metal shutters in scene 3 have been created from a combination of sounds. One of which was a heavily effected electric guitar. The guitar was a Fender Stratocaster, this was chosen because of the tremolo bar, which added to the sound effect. The guitar went through many pedals including a Plexi distortion; Mesa overdrive, Marshall Delay and a Digitech pitch shift whammy peddle. Using the FX loop on the back of the amplifier this allowed us to control the blend of the pedals and let the guitar get to the Pre amps in the amp before being effected by the peddles. The amplifier used was a Blackstar head Valve 100w going through a Marshal 1960’s 4×10 speaker cabinet. In order to capture the sound of the Guitar we first created a Tent which was researched on the internet through Sound on Sound magazines website in order to create a dry/dead feeling to the sound as there was too much leak from the room ambience bleeding into the microphones. Faiz had previously created 2xGobo boards from 8×4 MDF Board, Acoustic fiberglass padding with linen Cloth stretched over to keep the Fiberglass panels in place. Next the end of the tent was covered with Carpet underlay and the sides and roof was covered with more linen cloth to enclose it. This enabled us to get clean guitar sounds. Three microphones were used in the recording of the Guitar. The AKG D112 Which has a good low frequency response. An SM57 was used in order to capture the mids whilst the Sontronics condenser was set to Cardioid with a low end cut to pick up the Top end. Making sure to measure and correctly place the microphones around the speaker cones to achieve good Phase alignment. The microphones had to be adjusted three times before the phase became correctly aligned.

In post the recorded sound was then duplicated, split into frequency bands (Low/mid, Mid/high) In order to be further processed.

Spreadable media task

So i have been tasked with creating a video, putting it online and reporting in on how well it does. For the video i will be making a short Music advertisement for a local studio Trumeter. I have used influence from this Monstercat video which contains a simple parametric EQ analyser. i think it is quite stylish and works really well if you have not got the time or funds to make a music video, especially for a studio that is planning to pump out as much media as possible :

In after affects i can add the effect that will create the EQ and then link it to the audio file itself (its obviously not as simple as that xD) but for the purpose of the studio all you will have to do is reopen the AE file, drag in the new song and change the text of the artist / track name and you are good to export.

The point is to create a streamlined way of makeing constant spreadable media.

Building at the studio

As time has gone by i have gotten to know the guys at Trumeter studio, so much so that they feel i can be part of the building Process. At the moment we are working on the entrance area. Building commenced on this part earlier this year but as money has dripped in we can go from job to job. We put in the window and created the Vocal booth. Next soundproofed the inside of the walls and soundboarded them. We got it plastered painted fitted the electrics and lights and also fitted a workspace now all that needs to be done is the doors , carpet and moving the gear in. It should look great in no time.IMG_9342

Crowdsourced Creativity


So i was thinking, its been a long time since that happened but my thoughts where how can we get the listener to engage with a radio show even better using social technologies. well at the moment it is very well used for most radio stations, tweets and facebook is the new way of “texting” or “calling” into the show. Listening to radio one has made me realise that wow, infact twitter really is creative and can be used for many a thing. so i thought how can we make a bit for the radio where the listener gets to do there favourite thing which is choosing there own songs through the use of twitter. well another popular platform at the moment is gaming and the biggest game at the moment is the Call Of Duty series. everyone and there dad loves to play these games at the moment it is fast paced and entertaining.

The Killstreak hour.

My thoughts are that like in call of duty when you shoot someone without dieing you can rack up killstreaks at 3/5/7/10/15/25 or something like that you get bigger killstreak rewards. So using twitter can also be made for spreadable media. Why not include some kind of celebrity fan in which a retweet to a celebrity who gets the most retweets to other celebrities get to chose a song, so at every killstreak your favourite celeb gets to put on a song of there choice. Or maybe the first celebrity to get the most retweets along them lines, unfortunately at this moment i am not so polished with my twitter skills so i cannot exactly figure out a plan but i think this would be a great idea to get the listeners engaging into the show.

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